Soo I have been traveling a lot but I guess you would know if you follow my social media. when I travel I try to be very selective of where I stay and I carefully research the areas to where we will be staying. My search includes carefully looking at the map and researching best towns to stay in if the area we are staying is a really shitty. the reason for this is because our races are in the middle of no where, some are kind of like that movie deliverance lol Seriously I feel like we will be rapped and killed lmao in some of these town’s and the fucking movies make my mind run completely wild when we travel sometimes. Anyways during my vacation research I have come across some quote on quote 5 star fucking resorts let me tell you the pictures are so deceiving rooms that just look amazing with beautiful views , clean and safe. Two years ago we were coming back from a race , when my husband races we travel via car and towing a trailer with his race bike . the place I discovered on this particular trip seemed so nice , usually if it’s a golf resort it usually a good pick. well in this case it was not ,it was located in Irvington Virginia (the tiled inn) first off it was so out of the way but we thought let’s stay somewhere really nice and make the rest of our vacation last a bit longer, we said omg we’ll ride our bikes ect. Ugh fuck Nooooo it was situated supposedly on the Chesapeake Bay beautiful views ect. And the yelp reviews were sooo good , who ever gave them 5 stars are brain dead because it was disgusting and was like staying at the bates motel, our doors didn’t lock our bed sheets were dirty , the couch was stained oh and the bathroom had handicapped bath rails all over like they torture and murder people , creepiest fucking place ever. Needless to say there website is false advertisement and should be updated with there creepy pictures and not the ones taken 100 years ago when it was nice. This year in Disney the contemporary hotel great for transportation into the park but fucking gross. The room was not so clean, and smaller then the pics make it look, the exterior is so run down and filthy, for the amount of money a night very disappointing another false advertisement with all of the money that this place makes they really should update the place. My second stop this year was Hollywood beach Florida the Caribbean seas resort , what a dump. This place was a nightmare 50 people in the pool at all time my daughter could not swim , they were smoking and drinking around the pool people were inviting guests that were not even staying there to come swim. The rooms were so dirty I dropped my water bottle and when I went to clean it my paper towel came back black, I looked for another hotel and everything was all booked so I was forced to stay in this dump. Iam so tired of these assholes putting up these beautiful pictures and when you get there, it’s your nightmare come to life. This makes it difficult to know what your getting yourself into and also hard to trust what your seeing . there has to be away to stop these people from tricking you into there not so wonderful hotels.

I have also noticed on social media people posting before and after pictures and when you look back at there supposed heaviest self they were never fat. Soo frustrating for people who are trying to loose weight and be deceived by these mother fuckers who claim to have been over weight but they forget that they posted every fucking picture from the past 3 years and no weight problem there. Oh and it’s great because there before pic there’s no face just a body LIAR , I guess some people need constant attention and recognition even if they did nothing. If you need to be constantly reassured your confidence level is at a 0 and you need to stop lying to yourself and get real. Your only making yourself look like an ass for what “to get followers”, I am on a fitness journey and I can tell you I have struggled with weight and my confidence. the weight issue has never been A huge weight gain but it hasn’t been easy just to get into shape and even though for me it’s been only 10 pounds it is still a struggle. time plays a factor having kids and just life makes it difficult to be in shape and stay in shape. Like all of you I have a life and try to make the best of my day to fit in even 30 minutes of me time, Soo to anyone who try’s to trick people with false advertisement on your social media, you a moron and people before believing what you see look into the transformation pictures from way back and you might find that person just wants attention ..

Those are my thoughts on dumb ass people……

Author: Iarnold

I just realized I never told you a little about me, in my first post I warned you that Iam a unpolished, not reserved at all and definitely no filter. I want to write just as I speak because I want to be relatable and also to be my true self. I don’t want to give away to much in my writing as Iam writing a book that will touch on my past struggles and how I got to where Iam today, I hope if you do end up with a copy I can give you all a little incite into my book through my blogging. I hope that my writing can make you laugh, cry and help. Sometimes we all need a little truth to get our shit right. I know I do !!