I have not wrote in a while, because I want to write about relevant things not just dumb shit that happens in my everyday life. And when I say dumb shit I mean like , hi everyone I walked my dog today three times , then I went to work and then I made lasagna for dinner WHO THE FUCK CARES…… As you all know crazy medical shit happens all the fucking time to me, well you’ll never believe what happened this time!! I wear glasses and was always told that they were only needed for distance and driving , ok no big deal so I would take them off during the day when I was not doing any thing. I had also been told since I was very young that I had a enlarged optic – nerve , that they thought was something I was born with HAHAHAHAH joke is on me . Two years ago I started feeling a little more blind lol so I go to the optometrist and they do their little test and it comes back that my enlarged optic nerve looks a bit more enlarged. HUMM born with it but its getting larger is that like your ears and fucking nose that grow larger as you get older , Nope these fucking morons two years ago just said well keep checking every time you come. OK well just about three months ago my eyesight is worsening and BOOM gots to go to the mother fucking optometrist UGH !! Iam just thinking the whole ride there, they better not give me bad news because I am so over surgeries and hospitals. I get there my husband is seen, he’s perfect!! Thank god.. My turn things are a bit quite and the woman says the doctor will be right in to finish the testing and here Iam like a fucking idiot telling stories and jokes oblivious to what’s coming…. The optometrist comes in and says lets look at your x-ray of your eyes, she then proceeds to say do you see this nerve here well here’s one from two years ago and one from the year prior, can you see the difference? Yes I can see the fucking difference the shit is triple the size the original x-ray. She then tells me it seems as though you have early onset glaucoma WTF is going on !!!! What did she say ? So apparently I go back in a couple of weeks to have another test then HI-HO off to another fucking surgery I go. I think Iam in a bit of shock once this surgery is done Iam going to be like the fucking bionic woman. This comes in a time that Iam finally recovering form my toxic estrogen issue , my knee and vagina healed and working out like a crazy person to whip my old ass into shape and now this bullshit. Look I need to see my gastroenterologist hers what i have to say to that ” NOT TODAY” !!!!!!!!

Author: Iarnold

I just realized I never told you a little about me, in my first post I warned you that Iam a unpolished, not reserved at all and definitely no filter. I want to write just as I speak because I want to be relatable and also to be my true self. I don’t want to give away to much in my writing as Iam writing a book that will touch on my past struggles and how I got to where Iam today, I hope if you do end up with a copy I can give you all a little incite into my book through my blogging. I hope that my writing can make you laugh, cry and help. Sometimes we all need a little truth to get our shit right. I know I do !!