Life just keeps getting better!!

It’s about 11pm Southern California time, and I’m sick in bed for the 4th day of my vacation… Four FUCKING days of pure torture , the suns shinning, warm weather and happy people and Here I’m with the worst health luck on vacation with a cold. but now it seems like it is turning into pneumonia, yes FUCKING pneumonia; because that’s what I need a big dose of that shit. I believe I picked it up from my driver who was dying when he picked us up from the airport and put his gross hands on all of my bags or could have been the nasty bitch who hacked a lung the whole 5 hours in the airplane, I’d love to punch one of them in the fucking throat for this Christmas gift. Anyways so to make matters worse I can’t take many cold medicines because of my anti-seizure meds so I have to be very careful. So my coughing is out of control and I have this major headache so I take half dose of the cough syrup and a 600mg of Ibuprofen. So I find a ibuprofen in the bed and I toss it back like duhh how did I drop this. Well dumb ass that Iam it must have just fallen out of the bottle and now I’ve taken 2 – 600 mg yay, this is my fucking luck day. So Iam frantically reading on the web like omg what do I do and the web says don’t worry it’s not enough to kill you but you may feel sick. NO SHIT like I start with pain in my stomach, then made myself throw up seriously like Iam a fucking tard. I guess what Iam trying to say boys and girls is don’t take pills you find in your bed because they can kill you lol…

Author: Iarnold

I just realized I never told you a little about me, in my first post I warned you that Iam a unpolished, not reserved at all and definitely no filter. I want to write just as I speak because I want to be relatable and also to be my true self. I don’t want to give away to much in my writing as Iam writing a book that will touch on my past struggles and how I got to where Iam today, I hope if you do end up with a copy I can give you all a little incite into my book through my blogging. I hope that my writing can make you laugh, cry and help. Sometimes we all need a little truth to get our shit right. I know I do !!