Tonight June 28th , 2018

I have decided to start a blog, I think because I want to help people and myself. I just feel like maybe if I write this shit out it won’t be so bad that some how everything that fucking happens to me will make sense, because god knows I don’t feel like it does. I want to show you that anyone can overcome adversity even when you don’t think you can. So one thing to know I curse a lot not just in my speaking but also in my writing, I need and want this to feel real. I want you to read this and get me, know that Iam a real person, not some fucking tard who has never experienced anything and is just writing to write but a real person who wants to heard. I hope from my writing I can make you laugh, cry or even change a life. This year insane shit has happened to me like you’d never believe, when I tell a story my friend Lisa laughs because I start off my stories with you’ll never believe it and then she can’t lol. Iam just a mom, wife, friend and daughter that has a lot of stories and advice that I would like to share. So enough writing for tonight I’ll give you something good to read tomorrow that you’ll never believe…………..