Life is hard , but Iam sure you know that…. we wake up take the kids to school, go to work, run errands , cook dinner the list just on and on and on. Now stop take a look at yourself if your nails are jacked the fuck up , roots are showing and skin just looks dehydrated guess what your no use to anyone looking like that and feeling like shit. So get your shit together organize your day and fit in one hour where you do something nice for yourself because no one else can take better care of you then you. These past couple of days have been so hectic , dealing with a toxic body which may I add is really fucked up being bloated oh and having an excessive period yeah disgusting. Let me explain was on Premarin  for to long and to high dosage which in turn became toxic, gained 10 pounds like fml Dealing with my health, work , I cook three times a day and make snacks because gluten free – Palio is a pain in the dick.. And also make sure my husband Is well taken care of sexually, but most importantly I made sure one hour of today belonged to me. This morning I woke up went to the gym but then realized when I parked I’m supposed to be at the barn hacking my daughters horse so back in the fucking car to go hack a fucking horse today , I didn’t get my mother fucking hour ugh so Iam using this writing as my hour . I had to drive four hours to pick up my baby girl from camp thank god she’s finally home, started packing for my husbands race and my trip to Florida. I literally come home late Sunday and hope on a plane the very next morning, and I feel terrible leaving my best friend (my husband alone) travel with out him is hard. I want to write more but I use my hour to workout lol maybe I’ll use an hour in two weeks to get my nails done.

Ladies if you want to simplify life just a bit get a folio write in there weekly what you want or have to do each day.

Try to plan meals in your head on Sunday night and put together a grocery list if you need to, try to start ordering your groceries guess what not expensive and saves time. Do not steer from your meal plan!

Make your bed every morning it makes a difference, you’ll see.

Adjust your already planned schedule accordingly as meetings, doctor appointments come up.

Biggest thing do not cram to much into one day , make sure you distribute your work load evenly.

Also you may not want to hear this but your children don’t want to be in ten fucking different sports daily, that was your fucking choice so don’t read this and think omg she doesn’t understand Johnny has football, then baseball , swimming and soccer. Ridiculous you have fucked yourself why you ask, because you nor your kids want to drive around all day. Cut back do one sport at a time they are only young once, so don’t rush anything time spent with them should not be in a car.

Make sure your husband is on your daily agenda whether it’s a blow job, hand job or just fucking excuse me making love. Give him some of your attention as well that blow job will go along way, seriously!

Lastly enjoy life, because it’s not a dress rehearsal this is the real deal, so wake up every day look at yourself in the mirror and say, I’m beautiful,I’m confident, I’m smart and I love myself because I’m me..